NH Governor Pushes Agenda 21/2030

By interfering with housing, allowing commuter rail plans to go forward, and now discussing the installment of windmills, the NH Governor is doing exactly what Gavin Newsom in California tried doing with SB50 — he is in fact, promoting local Agenda 21/2030.

And You Thought You Were Safe in NH?

Many local groups have awakened to his plans and what they it mean for their towns, but now towns are being attacked from the State level thanks to the Governor and his two Carsey Institute graduates.

In California, the legislature had the brains to NIX Newsom’s bill.

“SB50, which claimed to have addressed the state housing shortage, was a form of bureaucratic overreach that essentially would have stripped local governments’ ability to enact their own zoning laws, consolidating that power in Sacramento.”

That is exactly what HB 1629, HB 1632, and HB 1248 would do for NH,

NH residents need to get active and let the legislature and the Governor know that this is not the state’s purview to mitigate a phony housing shortage, or to award developers with perks taken from the middle class’ taxes.

Write to them both at: sununu.social@nh.gov and nhhouse@leg.state.nh.us

Please keep up with all these issues here, bill numbers and other information.