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Alton Withdraws From Lakes Region Planning Commission

Cross-posted with permission from NH’s state taxpayer group:

At Alton’s 2018 town meeting, there was a petitioned warrant article (#59) on the ballot which asked to raise the money to pay for the yearly membership in the Lakes Region Planning Commission. It FAILED.

Over 401 people voted NO to essentially DEFUND the membership in the Lakes Region Planning Commission, thereby saving the town $7,619.00 (vs 172 who voted yes).

But not only that, in addition to the $7,619.00 Alton would have paid for membership dues, the defeat of this bill will save the town from FEDERAL intrusion and meddling with the town’s ‘master plan’. Often these plans contain ideas and goals that did NOT originate with the community, but came straight from the American Planning Association, an NGO that promotes United Nations Agenda 21/2030 regional principles.

The Board of Selectmen recommended the passage of #59 by a vote of 3-2 but the measure failed anyway. The Budget Committee had voted 3 against and 2 not voting.

“If only more towns would get out of these regional boondoggles”, said one resident.


Also Phil Wittmann was re-elected to the Board of Selectmen for another 3-year term, a very good thing.

Here is a copy of the flyer they used: Vote NO on #59

Note: Our work is paying off. We recommend that EVERY town petition an article to withdraw from their associated Regional Planners, as a first step toward taking back local government from the NGOs and federales! Or likewise, DEFEAT any article that asks to spend money for the renewal of membership in any Regional Planning organization.

Are there plans to bring Agenda 21 to your town?

“Sustainability” is the hot new buzzword on the left.

It’s the kind of word that sounds nice when you first stumble into it, but like everything else in the world of the eco-left, it really means control.

It’s what United Nation’s Agenda 21 is all about.

What might surprise you is that controversy over Agenda 21 tends to arise not from the dramatics imposition of its principles from above (like global warming), but from attempts to quietly insert UN dogma into local cities and towns.

Take a look at CFACT senior policy analyst Bonner Cohen’s article on

Bonner reports that, “planning commissions, which have spread like wildfire over the past couple of decades and whose members are unelected, produce an endless array of schemes designed to micro-manage every aspect of commercial, residential, and recreational life. No town, no matter how small, is safe from the meddling of planners in and outside of government.”

Are there plans to bring Agenda 21 to your town?

Is it already there?

You and your neighbors need to know.

Support HB 1573 on January 16th

There will be a Committee Hearing on January 16th on HB 1573 in LOB 301 at 1:00 PM.

Please contact the Municipal and County Government Committee and attend and testify if you can.

RPCs (Regional Planning Commissions) are the top down unelected boards who are implementing the federal government’s idea of sustainability through control over your local government.

If your town has been threatened or affected by GSF, you need to be part of this because your testimony is proof that people do NOT want this interference and the RPCs are overstepping their original purpose. We hope someone from these towns will plan on testifying on the 16th for HB 1573:


Alton Forum on Granite State Future

In Alton, the residents held an informational forum on the Granite State Future program which seeks to change zoning and planning for regional areas in NH using HUD grants as the money as obtained by the Lakes Regional Planning Commission.

Listen carefully.. another reason to attend your town meetings and stop HUD’s use of grants to force economic and racial integration, mixed use housing, cluster housing, bike paths, commuter rails, parks, food and farm control programs and even interference in the educational system.

Video URL:

Remember, RPCs make ‘suggestions’ but once you sign onto that HUD grant, their ‘suggestions’ become a MANDATE.

Read about what Workforce Housing really is:

“The Workforce Housing Council (WHC) is a statewide organization that promotes ways to increase and diversify the supply of housing so employers will view our state as an attractive place to live and work.”

“Workforce Housing” means a broad range of owner and renter housing, meeting the needs of families and individuals that represent the majority of New Hampshire’s diverse workforce and whose income is generally below 120% of the area median.

Workforce Housing is permanent housing, intended as a primary year-round residence, that is available to households regardless of age.

Workforce Housing can include, but is not limited to, subsidized and affordable housing. It is best provided near places of employment.”