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Your Master Plan is Part of the UN’s Master Plan

The town of Bedford NH has just ‘approved’ a 29,000-square-foot building that will house 133 rental units…

As reported in the Union Leader, “…the town’s master plan supports bringing residential and mixed-use development…”

Trouble is, the town’s master plan was NOT created or approved by the residents, but concocted by the (unelected) Regional Planning Commission, which takes its orders from the American Planning Association (merely an NGO), which in turn follows the United Nations (unelected NGO) “urbanism” agenda — a plan for every country.

Did you vote for this? I know I didn’t. What happens in your town is being determined by a little-known program called ‘Granite State Future’, all based on ‘sustainability’ due to the climate HOAX.

Residents of every town should object to what these cryptic quasi-governmental agencies are doing to determine their town’s fate.

Bedford Planning Meeting January 23


Bedford residents are distressed over the urbanization of their town.

Please watch these videos – we are adding them as they come online:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Then, grab a copy of the latest Master Plan and you will see all the buzzwords and plans, in the blatant attempt to ‘urbanize’ Bedford, thanks to the influence of the Regional Planning Commission and their importance on cities (Granite State Future program) and regional government over elected, local government.

Bedford residents probably do not want Bedford to be turned into a city even though they foolishly voted for the zoning down by the river (overlay district) in 2012 by a wide margin. Did they know what they were doing? No we do NOT want the river area to be a mini-Portsmouth!

Master Plan:

Zoning Board Minutes November 2016

Please attend your planners meeting on January 23, 2017


NH Activists Lauded in National Review Article

The biggest reason to attend town meetings which are coming up in your town soon!

National Review author Stanley Kurtz has mentioned some of our best NH activists in his latest article about Obamazone and the “Affirmatively Fair Housing Act” and the reason why towns should reject HUD grant funds.

To all our volunteers, those mentioned and those not mentioned, your work may be anonymous but it is not going unrecognized.

We haven’t always been able to get the numbers of people to town meetings as we would like. As you might know, in NH, town meetings (running anywhere from January – June each year) is where residents vote up or down on zoning changes. It is less clear how much say they have in these HUD grants, which are facilitated by ‘Regional Planning Commissions’, boards of unelected bureaucrats who operate just outside of public control and with specially selected NGOs. In our case it’s the Carsey Institute of UNH which actually employs a PR firm (NH Listens) and actors to steer public opinion at under advertised, under attended Delphi sessions.

We are grateful that Kurtz has given this issue of regionalism some mainstream attention. We who fight regionalism can no longer to be considered ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Full NRO Article Here

Bedford – Heading for an Agenda 21 Ghost City?

UPDATED: Here is a more extensive video on how deserted this rapid transit station is. Money wasted! Take note NH!

If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:

This video shows you what the City of Annaheim, CA looks like after the failed ‘compact city’ philosophy was instituted. Loft apartments are empty and train stations remain unused.

The program there in Orange County is called America 2050

If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:

The Town of Bedford NH voted for an ‘overlay district’ in 2012. Stay tuned for more information on what that vote means for the rural town of Bedford.

Central Planners at Work

Remember, most of these people serve as UNELECTED bureaucrats fueled by federal and local dollars and who are working for the federal government on soviet-style regional commissions, and may have a greater say in what goes on in YOUR town than the average taxpayer. They will work to create “Public-Private Partnerships” taking direction from private interests that may not serve the ideas of the general population.

Notice that the Chamber of Commerce praises the raise in the gas tax.

In Bedford, voters overwhelmingly approved an “overlay district” on River Road, apparently missing the fact that this will only serve to turn Bedford into a city.

“Inward migration” is the key word here, as that is the master plan of the federal government — to get residents to reject rural and suburban living in favor of the car-less, close quarters of the new urbanism’s “compact housing”.

05-20-14 GMCC Panel Discussion

If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:

SNHPC Seeks Input on “Advisory” Regional Master Plan for 2015

Update: Girard at Large weighs in on the SNHRPC [AUDIO]

First let’s look at this notice from the SNHPC


Jack Munn, AICP, Chief Planner
Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission
Phone: (603) 669-4664

Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission Seeks Public Review of DRAFT Regional Comprehensive Plan 2015

Between July 23 and August 21, 2014, the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC) is seeking public review and input on the DRAFT Regional Comprehensive Plan 2015: Moving Southern NH Forward.

This plan is advisory only and applies to the SNHPC Planning Commission Region which includes 14 municipalities located within portions of Merrimack, Hillsborough and Rockingham counties. These municipalities include the City of Manchester and the towns of Auburn, Bedford, Candia, Chester, Derry, Deerfield, Goffstown, Hooksett, Londonderry, New Boston, Raymond, Weare and Windham.

This DRAFT Comprehensive Plan is the result of a major two-year effort involving extensive public outreach through public visioning workshops; community events; social media; and public surveys. The development of the plan also reflects the hard work of a volunteer Project Leadership Team made up of planning commissioners, town planners and community representatives, including residents and businesses from around the region.

SNHPC is interested in hearing from all residents and businesses within the SNHPC Region. The DRAFT Plan can be viewed on the SNHPC website and CDs of the plan will also be made available at all local libraries in the region.

Links to the Draft Regional Master Plan:
Volume 1
Volume 2

A public presentation and hearing on the DRAFT Comprehensive Plan is also scheduled with the SNHPC Planning Commission on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 11:30 AM in the SNHPC Conference Room at 438 Dubuque Street, Manchester, NH. This Public Hearing is open to the public. Individuals requesting assistance or special arrangements to attend the meeting should contact Linda Moore, Office Administrator at (603) 669-4664 or at


This Regional “Master” Plan has been developed with very little public input. Out of the 600 or so participants, perhaps only as few as 100 were actual citizens who were NOT connected to planning organizations or other special interest NGOs who influence the process.

The effort to create a Regional Master Plan for 2015 was done under the Granite State Future program. If one explores the link from the SNHPC‘s website to Granite State Future, one arrives at a page with this explanation:


The Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission is facilitating A Granite State Future for the communities in the Southern New Hampshire Region. A Leadership Team and a Public Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee serve as advisory bodies for guiding the project. These advisory bodies are made up of citizen representatives from the different communities in the region, as well as representatives from businesses, organizations and local government.

An extensive public outreach campaign is being undertaken to reach all sectors of our region in every community. SNHPC encourages input and involvement from everyone in the region. The ultimate goal for this project is to develop a regional plan and vision for the future that addresses everyone’s individual interests and shared interests and identifies actions and recommendations that work to save taxpayers money, create better communities and to promote working together with neighboring towns and cities.

We’ve already proven that it is not community-based program, but a top down program devised by the RPCs, with input mostly from American Planning Association, local planners and NGOs and business, all enabled by grants from HUD, EPA, DOT.

We’ve shown how there were fewer participants from the true public sector partaking in the visioning sessions.

We’ve shown how these plans seek to cover every aspect of one’s life from housing and the prevention of sprawl through urbanization, land use, farming, health, education (Annenberg), healthy eating (children in schools), mental health, broadband, energy usage, gasoline, cars, water (including your private well), bike, transit, and more — while remaining a layer of government that is often unseen and therefore uncontrolled by the voters.

And we have shown that once the RPCs convince a town to accept the money from the federal government, it is NO LONGER AN ADVISORY PLAN. In order to benefit from the federal funds, HUD requires mandatory changes in the zoning and planning of each town in question. Sometimes these changes are voted on at the once-yearly town meetings and sometimes not. Further, legislation filed that the RPCs support would take the right to vote on zoning changes away from the townspeople.

Please examine these files to see what they have in store for the region covered by the SNHPC for 2015. Keep in mind that it is usually thought to be a ‘done deal’ unless opposition is mounted, so if you don’t like what you see, it is imperative to attend the public meeting and presentation on August 26, 2014.

Volume 1
Volume 2

Are there plans to bring Agenda 21 to your town?

“Sustainability” is the hot new buzzword on the left.

It’s the kind of word that sounds nice when you first stumble into it, but like everything else in the world of the eco-left, it really means control.

It’s what United Nation’s Agenda 21 is all about.

What might surprise you is that controversy over Agenda 21 tends to arise not from the dramatics imposition of its principles from above (like global warming), but from attempts to quietly insert UN dogma into local cities and towns.

Take a look at CFACT senior policy analyst Bonner Cohen’s article on

Bonner reports that, “planning commissions, which have spread like wildfire over the past couple of decades and whose members are unelected, produce an endless array of schemes designed to micro-manage every aspect of commercial, residential, and recreational life. No town, no matter how small, is safe from the meddling of planners in and outside of government.”

Are there plans to bring Agenda 21 to your town?

Is it already there?

You and your neighbors need to know.

GSF Not Mentioned, NHHFA Source of Funds

Does Bedford NH, a rural town, really need or want bike paths? Same goes for ‘overlay zoning’ to create mixed use neighborhoods, as well as ‘workforce housing’. What workforce are we serving? (section 8?)

And the grants for all these projects seem to come from the NH Housing Finance Authority but where do THEY get the money? We suspect it’s HUD.

From the article:

Bedford adopts master plan for bicycle-pedestrian paths
Union Leader Correspondent
February 14. 2014

“The town was awarded a $30,000 Community Planning Grant from the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority to complete the Pedestrian and Bicycle Connectivity Master Plan, which follows through on several recommendations of the 2010 Master Plan.

At the hearing, the consultants, planner Jeff Taylor, landscape architect Karen Fitzgerald, and planner Grace Wu of the Resource Systems Group, outlined the project results and recommendations for zoning changes.”

Perhaps now we have the reason why the Town Council wants to remove your right to vote on zoning!

Read More…

More info about zoning changes: Bedford Zoning Articles for March 11, 2014

Bedford Master Plan

Bedford’s Latest Planning Minutes

Smart Growth Areas in Bedford [Video promoting ‘walkable’ communities]

Update: We have been told this is the same thing going on as with Rindge: “your town is missing a center.”
In Rindge, that is exactly what they said. Their grant came from NHHFA, and NHHFA got it from HUD. It was community planning grant to change zoning. It is important to point out that Rindge belongs to SWRPC, but the selectmen said NO to GSF. Rindge’s proposed plan contains sidewalks and bike paths too.

Zoning Off the Ballot?

In Bedford, the Town Council would like to remove your right to vote on zoning and leave it up to them. This would come in handy for satisfying zoning requirements handed down by way of HUD grants.

Coincidentally, someone has filed this bill HB 1124, which permits towns to opt out of official ballot voting requirements for the consideration and adoption of zoning ordinances.

Don’t let this happen!

The Municipal and County Government Committee will hear this bill on Thursay, January 16, in Room 301-303, in the LOB at 10:00 AM.

Support HB 1573 on January 16th

There will be a Committee Hearing on January 16th on HB 1573 in LOB 301 at 1:00 PM.

Please contact the Municipal and County Government Committee and attend and testify if you can.

RPCs (Regional Planning Commissions) are the top down unelected boards who are implementing the federal government’s idea of sustainability through control over your local government.

If your town has been threatened or affected by GSF, you need to be part of this because your testimony is proof that people do NOT want this interference and the RPCs are overstepping their original purpose. We hope someone from these towns will plan on testifying on the 16th for HB 1573: