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Another Bite of the Apple

When voters say NO, they mean NO.

Apparently the town officials in Salem and Bow don’t understand the meaning of the word.

Bow is preparing to ignore the will of the voters, and Salem is suspected of a bit of this as well.

Salem it seems, intends to use a survey in order to “justify” the changes in zoning they want to make without public input.

It pays to pay attention!

What did YOUR town vote down that is being reconsidered? Let us know…

Are there plans to bring Agenda 21 to your town?

“Sustainability” is the hot new buzzword on the left.

It’s the kind of word that sounds nice when you first stumble into it, but like everything else in the world of the eco-left, it really means control.

It’s what United Nation’s Agenda 21 is all about.

What might surprise you is that controversy over Agenda 21 tends to arise not from the dramatics imposition of its principles from above (like global warming), but from attempts to quietly insert UN dogma into local cities and towns.

Take a look at CFACT senior policy analyst Bonner Cohen’s article on

Bonner reports that, “planning commissions, which have spread like wildfire over the past couple of decades and whose members are unelected, produce an endless array of schemes designed to micro-manage every aspect of commercial, residential, and recreational life. No town, no matter how small, is safe from the meddling of planners in and outside of government.”

Are there plans to bring Agenda 21 to your town?

Is it already there?

You and your neighbors need to know.

Bow voters reject public safety building plan

Bow voters reject public safety building plan
By Alllie Morris
Monitor staff
Friday, March 14, 2014

Bow residents overwhelmingly rejected plans to construct a $6.8 million public safety building, one year after a more expensive plan was narrowly defeated.

The condition of the station will have to wait until the meeting resumes March 24.
After an hour of voting, the tally came to 425-257. It needed a two-thirds majority to pass. A separate article, which would have approved a $200,000 geothermal heating and cooling system for the building, was also rejected, 410-271. The plan would have replaced the town’s outdated fire station with a new building housing the fire, police and emergency management departments across the street.

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Yes these town centers are all part of a huge push for urbanization of our small towns.