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Public/Private Partnerships, Redistributing Our Wealth by the Millions and Billions

In order to understand this issue, the following article from Kathleen Marquardt is recommended. Basically, Public/Private Partnerships = Government-Sanctioned Monopolies

Public/Private Partnerships, Redistributing Our Wealth by the Millions and Billions
Kathleen Marquardt

We have been railing against Public/Private Partnerships for many years. This is not a new issue. Many times in the past we’ve tried to inform the public of the dangers of PPPs, but they are complicated and most people today don’t want to take the time to delve deeply into anything that isn’t giving them pleasure. But now is the time to become educated on just one of the ways that we are being bled dry, that our money is being sucked off with huge vacuums and given to those conspiring to destroy America and the great American dream. They are winning because we are too busy, too lazy, too involved in other pursuits to stop them.

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President Trump Restricts More Land

In addition to having to disabuse some people of the idea that Trump ‘ended Agenda 2030’ by not participating in the Paris Agreement, we offer this…

In addition to funding Agenda 2030 in the defense budget, more than any presdient before him, he also signed a bill that gives government the rights to 375,000 acres of new land.

“President Donald Trump signed the country’s largest wilderness preservation legislation in a decade, providing widespread protections for Joshua Tree and Death Valley national parks.

Trump’s signing of the National Resources Management Act, or S.47, marked a surprisingly overwhelming bipartisan congressional effort and began with the environmental protection bill introduced by Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski in January. The bill expands federally protected land, where there can be no logging, drilling, mining or road construction, and establishes 375,000 new acres of wilderness across California, Oregon, New Mexico and Utah. The bill passed the Senate with a vote of 92-8 and the House with a vote of 362-63.”

Read more… Trump Signs Biggest Wilderness Protection Bill in Decade, Designates 375,000 New Acres of Protected Land

With all the outrage over the Bundy Ranch issue you’d think that conservatives would have spoken out against this. Instead, your “republicans” are deceiving and betraying you.

Proof the UN “Agenda” is Embedded in Federal Programs

This is a very important piece that outlines how the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals” are what is being followed in some of your town’s housing policies and your state’s education policies. It’s all connected. All elected officials need to read it.

Some excerpts:

“Warriors, in NC, there are 3 types of ‘inclusionary zones’. The first type is the largest and is meant for those city or county government employees (including first year teachers). These are general inclusionary zones. Then, there are voluntary zones. These encourage workforce housing development and give incentives to the builders. Lastly, the third type is conditional inclusionary zoning. These pull in the voluntary zone parameters and incorporate some sort of comprehensive (future growth) city/county or State plan.”

“Then, there’s attracting and keeping talented workforce citizens; increasing P3s (public private partnerships); reducing vehicle use; increase digital dependence; transforming existing neighborhoods into cookie cutter ‘racked and stacked’ mini communities; directing city growth via ‘community services’ (one of which is to connect mental health to nature and green spaces) and schools (separate and unified); seeing an increase in charter and private schools; renovating existing public schools and building new ones, and continue to regionalize education.”

“According to a 2016 blog post from the World Bank, housing is the center point to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). As we know, Warriors, the World Bank is heavily invested in America, is a member of the CCSS Machine, and, is a chief supporter of the UN’s SDGs.”

The author/researcher states “…it won’t be long before Mooresville becomes an annex of Charlotte’s city limits.” Sound familiar? Agents are attempting to absorb your town into the nearest city.

You can read about the interference in NH’s educational system by agents of the World Bank right here on Patch, Bedford.

NOTE: GOVERNOR SUNUNU and CERTAIN REPUBLICAN NH SENATORS and STATE REPS (Giuda, Carson, Bradley and Hinch) SUPPORT THIS SOCIALISTIC AGENDA. This has been proven by their support for workforce housing, state appeals boards, PPPs, and pandering to “millennials”.

Read the full article here for screen shots, links, and more proof.

Tom DeWeese: The Attack on Single-Family Homes

The attack on private property is growing across the country at a frightening rate. And the target is single-family homes – most likely — your home.

I have warned in recent weeks that Sustainable Development advocates are now calling zoning for single-family neighborhoods RACIST!

Minneapolis, Minnesota became the first city to end single-family zoning as the Mayor called such protections “self-segregation” devised as a legal way to keep black Americans and other minorities from moving into certain neighborhoods. Unbelievable!

Seattle, Washington followed Minneapolis. Other cities are looking into such plans. The federal agency HUD is pushing such plans under the Obama program called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH). And city after city is taking HUD grants that force them to impose such plans.

So, attacks on single-family homes are racing across the nation.

Now Oregon is about to become the first state to eliminate single family zoning around the state.

The speaker of the Oregon House, Rep. Tina Kotek, says this action is urgent because Oregon has a “housing crisis.”

That is bunk! Oregon has a government-made crisis.

For over 20 years Oregon has been enforcing “Urban Growth Boundaries” (UGB) around its cities. This is part of the Sustainable “Smart Growth” policy.

As I have told my audiences around the nation, under Smart Growth, planners put an artificial line around the city and declare NO GROWTH will take place outside that line. That’s “Urban Sprawl!” And urban sprawl is a danger to the environment because is encourages the use of automobiles, strip malls, and the need for infrastructure like roads and power.

We used to call that building an economy until the Sustainablists declared war on human society!

Here’s what they didn’t count on. The UGBs assure the area of the city doesn’t expand. But what happens when the population does? The only way to grow is UP!

That means there is no room for single family homes with backyards for the kids. According to the rhetoric of the Sustainablists the only solution is to flood single-family neighborhoods with duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and “cottage clusters.” They call this “up zoning.”

Says Speaker Kotek, “The state’s housing crisis requires a combination of bolder strategies.”

I love how these control freaks always use the words “bolder”, “innovative”, and “master plan” to make their destructive policies sound urgent and brave!

The truth is they are just stupid and short-sighted, pretending to be a solution for their own idiotic regulations — which they created.

For example, Portland Oregon has long been the poster child – the shining example — of the genius of Smart Growth praised in government and environmental meetings across the country.

Smart Growth is an utter failure as property rights have been destroyed, housing costs have skyrocketed and now there is a housing crisis!

Why? Because over the years, under Smart Growth, Portland’s population has grown by over 80%. But legislators have only allowed the Urban Growth Boundary to expand by no more than 6%!


Imagine what these policies will do to your property values – your equity – all that you have worked for?

Most people could quickly figure out the problem and dump such destructive policies. But apparently not the simple-minded idiots who are determined to control how you and I are to live.

Let me be very clear about where this is all headed.

Single-family homes are the greatest example of private property ownership. Private property is the greatest means for individuals to build personal wealth through the equity earned.

As private property ownership is destroyed, the wealth of the nation is diminishing. Now we are hearing some economists worry about a lack of housing starts in the building industry that could lead to an economic crisis. Yet, these “experts” rarely mention the true culprit – Sustainable Development, Smart Growth government tyranny!

Now, as we see more and more housing moving toward the high-rise stack and pack rental properties, a new attack is growing – this time against private owner landlords.

New government regulations are raising taxes on landlords, along with higher building costs. But now, many communities are starting to impose rent controls, because it’s not “fair” to make people pay so much for their homes!

Here is the bottom line goal of this attack on private property and single-family homes. If we lose this battle against Sustainable Development/Smart Growth policies, then, eventually all housing will become government controlled. There will be no private homes or condos. Only government housing!

You can read more about these issues from Tom DeWeese at his American Policy Center’s website.

How to Combat Agenda 2030 Deniers

When confronted with the prospect of Agenda21/2030, many deniers will drag out the old “conspiracy theory” excuse. It is a nice try to deflect from the root cause of this international communist movement. Unfortunately it’s not a theory, but rather common knowledge, plastered all over our US State Dept website in SUPPORT.

Darrell Issa (R) just consorted with Dems to install a permanent “Smart Cities Caucus” (lobby) in the US Congress.

Further, there have to be thousands, maybe even millions of pages devoted to the Agenda 21/2030 SDGs, MDGs, and related on the UN-associated websites.

The local planning departments have this book on their shelves. “Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide.”

And of course, just by visiting this blog’s main pages, there is so much more…

These deniers can play ostrich for only so long.

Most Dangerous Man in America?

Cuban National Andrés Duany could easily be called the most dangerous man in America.

Seems that the founder of the radical new urbanist CNU group is training planners at his company, Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, and then they are in turn getting hired by towns who have no idea where these radical ideas are coming from.

Midlothian, Va. has been sucked in.

“Staff in the county’s Planning Department began working on the new plan in February 2016. Along the way, they contracted with Michael Watkins Architect LLC, a Gaithersburg, Maryland-based firm that works with existing communities to promote the cultural heritage of their built environment and plan new sustainable neighborhoods.

Watkins, a member of the Congress for the New Urbanism, founded the firm in 2007 when he left his position of director of town planning with Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company.”

The people commenting on the article seem to have caught on to the agenda, but do they know what to do to stop it and how pervasive these 2,500 people from CNU are?

Read more..

Ben Carson Agrees With Elimination of Single-Family Zoning

Why is it that soon after Republicans get elected they suddenly turn on us?

It would seem this would be the case with Ben Carson, former candidate for president, now head of HUD.

Dr. Ben Carson of HUD

Dr. Ben Carson of HUD

One of the biggest scams in the NH state budget is the fact that some Republican State Senators and the Governor himself are supporting a bill (SB 306) that has been hidden in the budget because they knew it would not pass on its own. It is part of the push to do away with local control and flood NH with low income housing per UN Agenda 2030.

Now we read that Republican Ben Carson supports the idea of getting rid of single-family zoning. Sound outrageous? Read more…

“Carson — who leads the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) — made his comments Tuesday during a visit to Minneapolis, where lawmakers voted last year to ditch single-family zoning, which had previously dominated the city limits. Speaking to reporters, Carson suggested more cities should follow Minneapolis’ example, and drew a connection between zoning and homelessness.”

“I want to encourage the development of mixed-income multifamily dwellings all over the place,” Carson said.

HERE you can find a list of bills the Republican Governor of NH should be repealing and/or removing from the budget.

Will Eliminating Options Force Your Habits?

We have written about this many times before… will restricting the availability of single-family housing or roads and parking for cars, curtail your desire for either? Apparently Minneapolis thinks so.

A plan called “Minneapolis 2040” has caused some residents to worry that the character of their neighborhoods will be ruined in a few years. (We maintain that this will be true)

“In a dramatic move aimed at addressing the city’s lack of affordable housing, the Minneapolis City Council in December approved a plan, which, among other things, effectively eliminates single-family zoning. Under the plan, called Minneapolis 2040, duplexes or triplexes are now welcomed on lots previously allowing just one home, with no requirement to add additional parking.”

Despite worried residents, “…urban planners in Minneapolis say they hope the plan will lead to a more walkable, more affordable, more environmentally friendly and more inclusive city thanks to higher density and an added supply of housing stock.”

This is basic social engineering, similar to the 1960s the “forced busing” in Boston. Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for president, is all for it. “People are recognizing the social equity and justice of single-family neighborhoods,” said Christopher Leinberger, a professor at George Washington University’s Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis.

Fortunately, some residents see this for what it is. “There is this fantasy that if they make it really hard to drive and park, people will stop using cars,” said Constance Pepin, a semiretired training consultant and 35-year resident of Minneapolis.

It is definitely part the push to implement UN Agenda 2030, and the planners, regionalists, and new urbanists don’t even try to hide it anymore.

Read it for yourself, here.

There Goes Vermont!

The Rutland Herald reports:

“The department has a contract with Congress for the New Urbanism, which according to its website is an international nonprofit organization “working to build vibrant communities where people have diverse choices for how they live, work and get around.”

Hanford said CNU has a track record for this sort of work and will give and receive information from Vermont’s cities and towns on what regulatory obstacles they’re facing. This meeting is scheduled for July 10. Among those invited are several mayors and the leaders of various regional planning commissions.”

We suspect Vermont doesn’t know or understand who this radical organization really is. Their founder is Andrés Duany, a Cuban national who has risen in the ranks of city planners to become the country’s biggest promoter of regionalism and fascism, by his own admission.

If Vermont doesn’t want to be a low-income housing magnet, they will sever all ties with this radical organization.