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Salem’s Master Plan

ADDENDUM: April 17, 2016 – Union Leader Article on Salem’s “mixed use” district.

This is Agenda 21 in all its glory, or not.

They have it all down pat.

It’s a show; a charade; a farce; a joke on the people.

They set up a subcommittee of the planning board with special insiders who have set the agenda and who already know the predetermined outcomes. [They don’t allow public comments until the vote to recommend.]

Salem just lost its last local newspaper that might come back as a regional paper at a later date.
We lost the Salem Observer newspaper as well earlier this year. Some info about Salem is being reported in the Windham Independent, but most Salem people seem completely unaware.

NO notices were sent out to abutters who have a property interest.

No notices were given to individual residents for this Overlay District [which comes straight out of the Community Redevelopment Department].

It was all manufactured by the Economic Development Action Committee. [EDAC]

Salem’s Overlay District, Per Master Plan

Another Bite of the Apple

When voters say NO, they mean NO.

Apparently the town officials in Salem and Bow don’t understand the meaning of the word.

Bow is preparing to ignore the will of the voters, and Salem is suspected of a bit of this as well.

Salem it seems, intends to use a survey in order to “justify” the changes in zoning they want to make without public input.

It pays to pay attention!

What did YOUR town vote down that is being reconsidered? Let us know…