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NH is the New Target

Listen to what was happening back in 2012 to California and which is happening in NH currently,

These two activist women from California talk about how the government was mandating types of housing for the purpose of equalizing the demographics for voting, income levels, and integration according to their ideas of how things should be.

They also point out how the Private Public Partnership trend is so dangerous for the taxpayers.

They talk about transportation and housing for the purpose of location and control.

Regionalism is discussed. NH has 9 regional planning commissions who so far claim no authority but who are the ones enabling all of the same in NH. They point out how these boards are unelected and unaccountable.

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The Lure of Cities – Is It Real?

We’ve often heard new urbanist types claim that young people just starting out prefer to live in cities. Apparently this is just not true statistically.

“In fact, as a new Brookings study shows, millennials are not moving en masse to large, dense cities but away from them. According to demographer Bill Frey, the 2013–17 American Community Survey shows that New York now suffers the largest net annual outmigration of post-college millennials (ages 25–34) of any metro area—some 38,000 annually—followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Diego. New York’s losses are 75 percent higher than during the previous five-year period.”

“In truth, despite a much praised art scene and often gushing media treatment, downtown LA’s revival has done little to improve the overall region. The LA basin has been losing jobs that pay more than $75,000 annually for a decade and now suffers among the high­est levels of housing overcrowding and poverty, the least af­fordable housing, the lowest homeownership rates, and the second-largest concentration of homeless in the nation.”

“Given these realities, it’s not surprising that would-be gentrifiers face increasing and even violent opposition. In Los Angeles, gen­trification efforts have sparked grassroots rebellions in the historically African American Crenshaw district, Chinatown, South Los An­geles, and, most especially, East Los Angeles. In 2015, a real estate firm littered LA’s Arts District with a “Why Rent Downtown When You Could Own in Boyle Heights?” flyer. Realtors promoted a bike tour through the “charming, historic, walkable and bikeable neigh­borhood.” After the realtor received messages like “Stay outta my hood” and “I hope your 60-minute bike ride is a total disaster,” the event was canceled.”

Read more…

Commuter Rail: Part of New Urbanism

The House passes SB 241 – voting was 213-141 along party lines

If you care about taxes, you will care about this issue which by all accounts would be a huge detriment to the NH Advantage.

These 8 Republicans voted for SB 241 which by the DOT’s own study portends to be the worst financial boondoggle ever for NH and likely cause a huge new broad-based tax: James Allard, Arthur Barnes, Joel Desilets, George Feeney, Dennis Fields, Werner Horn, Aboul Khan, Walter Stapleton.

Feeney, Fields, and Stapleton represent areas upcountry where the residents would not even benefit from this, but their constituents would pay just the same.


KUDOS to these 5 Democrats who had the courage to break with their party and vote NO: Susan Ticehurst, Edith Tucker, Linn Opderbecke, Henry Parkhurst, Judith Spang.

All 5 of the above-named Democrats were smart enough to know they also represent areas where the residents would not even benefit from this, but their constituents would pay just the same.

44 Reps were missing on this very important vote. (2 of 46 were excused)

Be sure to call the Governor’s office (603-271-2121) and leave a message that you want him to stick with his party and VETO SB 241 – a ridiculous, wasteful bill.

If you are too shy to call, sign the petition and your name will be included with those who want this bill VETOED.

Please read about Dallas Area Rail Transit (DART) and how while touted as ‘successful’ does not fulfill the promise of alleviating traffic, nor paying for itself.

The Democrats do not seem care if they impose another tax upon NH.

This DART article also reveals something we all knew — rails are part of the “New Urbanism” movement to socially engineer where we live, work, play, and travel, having “…generated $5 billion in transit-oriented development around its 62 stations”, “…changing the way the region grows and how North Texans live”.

AOC Has Nothing on Republicans

File this one under “regionalism is communism”.

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has the gained dubious notoriety of being the promoter of something she calls the “Green New Deal”. However we all know and recognize it as nothing more than Agenda 2030 and agree that AOC is a far-left wing nut.

But wait… it seems like Republicans are outdoing her on the very same thing, yet no one is reporting on it, at least not in the mainstream media…

In 2018, Republican Congressman Darrell Issa teamed up with a bunch of Democrats to found a permanent “Smart Cities Caucus” in the legislature. A group called “Venture Smarter” leads it and their then-leader Zack Huhn (they have since removed all of their team names from the website) argued with this writer in email that he was a “conservative” and had no idea what “regionalism” was…. Hmmmmm.

A quick Google search of Venture Smarter’s website will reveal their tagline is “Venture Smarter’s people and platform power smart growth across cities and regions“. Get it? Cities, and regions, are the focus. Just like what the “new urbanism” cult leader Andrés Duany said: “Cities, Regions, then the UN…”

Then we have a bunch of NH Senators, Republicans no less, who right under our noses, want to allow a Bolshevik-style state-level 3-member appointed commission to be able to override the votes of the townspeople with regard to how they want their town to grow. What is the point of town meeting, then? Knowing they cannot get anyone to support a bill as sweeping as this (SB 306) they have sneakily included it in their proposed budget, hoping no one will notice.

Now comes President Trump with something called “Opportunity Zones”.

From Patrick Wood’s Technocracy Blog: Opportunity Zones were created in Section 13823 of this 131-page bill, “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017”.

When President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 in December 2017, few read or understood the small print authorizing the creation of Opportunity Zones. One year later on December 12, 2018, Trump created and signed an Executive Order titled, Executive Order on Establishing the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, which created a highest-level committee that includes the very top leadership of the Administration: the Secretaries of the Treasury, Agriculture, Interior, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Energy and Education; the Administrators of the EPA and the Small Business Administration; the Chairmen of the Council of Economic Advisers and the Council on Environmental Quality and a few other assorted big-wigs.

The EO instructs the Council to “work across agencies” to “assess the actions each agency can take under existing authorities to prioritize or focus Federal investments and programs on urban and economically distressed communities, including qualified Opportunity Zones.” The object is to “minimize all regulatory and administrative costs and burdens.” Furthermore, the EO uses the phrase “public and private investment” no less than six times and then stresses that the Council must evaluate,

Now here comes the kicker:

“whether and how Federal technical assistance, planning, financing tools, and implementation strategies can be coordinated across agencies to assist communities in addressing economic problems, engaging in comprehensive planning, and advancing regional collaboration.

There are three immediate problems with this Executive Order. First, Public-Private Partnerships have developed over the years as a mainstay of the United Nations to finance Sustainable Development and in particular, infrastructure that supports its Sustainable Development Goals. Second, blanket cross-agency coordination can be a dangerous vehicle to create policies that represent no agency in particular, and that no single agency would ever create by itself. Third, the term collaboration is a buzzword for collaborative governance that brings many types of stakeholders to the table to make binding decisions outside of traditional citizen representation or accountability. Furthermore, regional collaboration adds an additional dimension that promotes regionalism, which is patently unconstitutional. Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states that “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” Regionalism is not a Republican Form of Government, period.

Wood stated in a Tweet: “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 hosed the little guy, but gave Big Tech billionaires a tax windfall to use to plunder America. This must-read special report will set your hair on fire.”

We know… we personally know people on fixed incomes who had thousands added to their bill in April.

But it’s just easy to root for your team and ignore their fumbles while calling out the other side.

And that is just how and why the two-party system was planned.

Full article: “Opportunity Zones: A Technocrat Deception To Plunder America”

Commuter Rail: NH’s Dangerous Proposition

The NH House Public Works and Highways Committee gave an “OTP” recommendation to SB 241 along party lines.

No Republicans voted with the Democrat agenda to bankrupt NH with a massively costly proposition to extend the MBTA to Concord when it has been proven that only 97% or so of the population would actually use it. These trains would not be of the ‘high speed’ type, but the debt-ridden MBTA out of Massachusetts that averages 33-44MPH on any trip to Boston.

Next step is the full NH House of Representatives will vote… then it’s up to the Governor to VETO SB 241 if that passes.

The BRA is keeping track of this bill as well as other bills that are part of the New Urbanism/Agenda21 fad that would hurt NH. You can see the other bills on BRA’s Bill Watch page.

Read more about SB 241, the bill to expand the MBTA to Concord…

Tell the NH Senate: Remove SB 306 From the Budget!

Every NH municipality and the voters that direct them should be concerned.

When John Lynch was governor, he created a commission to address a phony “water crisis”. Now, some are using a manufactured “housing crisis” to promote the proliferation of “high-density” construction.

Last December we sounded the alarm about HB 104, a bill that would have given a state-level appeals board the right to override the decisions of local boards with regard to land use. The NH House rightfully dispensed with this bill in committee. The Union Leader, a major newspaper, agreed.

Along comes SB 306 in the NH Senate sponsored by Republican Senators Giuda, Carson, Bradley and Representative Hinch along with several Democrats. SB 306 proposes a similar state “board of appeals” with even more draconian power over municipalities, and a $400K price tag to boot! Word has it that the NH Senate has tabled the bill and instead, is planning to include it into the budget they are preparing for the end of May. This budget will then be presented to the House to see if they will concur.

According to the actual wording of the bill, sweeping authority would be given to a 3-member board as follows:

679:5 Authority; Duties.

I. It shall be the duty of the board and it shall have power and authority to hear and affirm, reverse, or modify, in whole or in part, appeals of final decisions of municipal boards, committees, and commissions regarding questions of housing and housing development. This includes, but is not limited to:

(a) Planning board decisions on subdivisions or site plans.

(b) Board of adjustment decisions on variances, special exceptions, administrative appeals, and ordinance administration.

(c) The use of innovative land use controls.

(d) Growth management controls and interim growth management controls.

(e) Decisions of historic district commissions, heritage commissions, and conservation commissions.

(f) Other municipal permits and fees applicable to housing and housing developments.

(g) Matters subject to the board’s authority may include mixed-use combinations of residential and nonresidential uses. Such different uses may occur on separate properties, provided such properties are all part of a common scheme of development.

As you can see, this overreaching provision would basically nullify the vote of the townspeople; taxpayers who have given their boards direction for what should happen in their own towns. Planning, zoning, historic, heritage, conservation, ALL commissions are affected in that SB 306 will allow developers to OVERRIDE those directions using this 3-member state ‘board of appeals’!

This dangerous provision must be stopped. If allowed to be included, would be a blatant power grab and a direct attack on every municipality’s right to direct its own future. It nullifies the vote of the people.

Write to the full NH Senate and let them know you will not tolerate this power grab at the state level. Write to the full House and ask they demand this provision be removed from any budget they are asked to approve.

Local control is at stake.


Bill Text HB 104:

Bill Text SB 306:

2019 NHMA Bulletin #6 – Page 3:

Letter Seacoast Online
Land use boards beware of Senate Bill 306

May 8, 2019

High-density is the Bolshevik model to fix the fake housing crisis (9 mins)

Legislation Attacking Local Control in NH

There are quite a few NH bills in the works that would raise your taxes as well as take away the right of local control… but nothing more egregious than SB 306 and what some sneaky NH Senators are doing to get it enacted.

Among these bills seeking to levy taxes to award millennials for staying in the state, skimming more taxes to fund “workforce housing”, and bills to award tax credits to private developers, there is this most inappropriate proposal — to establish a “housing appeals board” at the state level so that developers not granted permits for their projects can override those local decisions.

Read about SB 306 here:

Seacoast Online

There are several more “Agenda2030” bills here on this page as well. You can read more about SB 306 and the rest, there.

Commuter Rail: Drilling Down on Demand, Cost and Quality of Life

No one we know wants this, but nevertheless they are doubling down on efforts to promote it. Click the graphic for a larger view…


“In 2014 the NH DOT released a detailed analysis of proposed options for bringing rail to the NH Capitol Corridor. The preferred first step would be to extend the existing Boston-Lowell commuter rail line to Nashua and Manchester. A future project would extend the line to Concord. The Manchester Regional Commuter Rail line would run 8 round trips between Manchester and Boston and 17 to Nashua.”

SB 241 is currently in the House Public Works and Highways Committee. Manchester State Representative Joshua Query, who participated in the discussion with Klobuchar and sits on that committee, is optimistic that it will receive a positive recommendation from them. It will also need to go through the finance committee before it passes through the NH House and arrives on the desk of Governor Sununu.”

Interesting to note that SB 241 is one of the bills Bedford’s taxpayers would like to see squashed, citing the fact that “Trains are old technology and usually a taxpayer boondoggle. Not only that, their installation encourages Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), which translated means more “stack’n’pack” housing.”

Read more…

Trump, the UN, and the Arms Treaty

There was much hoopla surrounding Trump’s supposed withdrawal from the the UN Arms Treaty. But are Americans being hoodwinked by mere theatre?

The US Senate never ratified this treaty in the first place!

And in fact, UN Agenda2030 has as one of its goals, complete disarmament.

Why then has Trump administration funded Agenda2030 more than anyone, at any time in history? (see paragraph 5 in link)

More pablum for the masses? And what about those Heritage Sites, tho?