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Wilton Beware: Plan NH Has a Plan for You

Pay-to-play, public-private partnerships, and urbanism per the regionalists are about to descend upon Wilton NH!

Pay attention Wilton residents and see what ends up on your town meeting ballot for warrant articles that would enable a taxpayer boondoggle!

This riverwalk plan is similar to what is proposed in Bedford’s “master plan” (to make the area by the river more like Portsmouth) but what will the cost to the taxpayers be?

“The Economic Development Committee is proposing to take $42,000 from the Cooley Park Fund to develop the area to add a grassy spot with picnic tables and benches, and a path where people can learn about the history of the area. Residents will vote at Town Meeting whether to allow use of the funds for the development of the area. It’s a small piece of development that Beck hopes to see eventually grow into a fully-developed river walk – one of the potential development goals the committee has been discussing for the development of Wilton’s downtown area.”

To pretend there will be community input, Wilton will pay an NGO to direct their listening sessions:

“The first is a $7,000 for a charette – a series of community planning meetings – with PLAN NH. The charette process results in an overall vision, including producing design and drawings of potential projects or development. If the town is accepted for the charrette process, said Beck, she hopes to tie the vision that comes from that process with a pilot program from the Nashua Regional Planning Commission, which will cover the implementation phase of those projects identified by PLAN NH.

Essentially, said Beck, PLAN NH will help the town identify what it wants to do, and the NRPC will help the town identify how to do it – what zoning needs to be changed, for example.”

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If you would like to hear about what the NRPC tried to do to this research website, please write to us. They certainly do not care about your input or transparency.

You should also look up your State Representatives if you are from Wilton and let them know about this.

Wilton Residents Check Your Regional “Master Plan”

Any time UNH is involved, it’s bound to be a boondoggle for the regionalists.

“On Monday, the Select Board agreed to contract the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension to help lead a Wilton task force in a town-wide business survey which will generate a report laying the groundwork for an action plan.

For $2,500, UNHCE will help develop a business retention and expansion leadership program, assist the town in visiting and surveying local business, and help identify three to five economic development projects for the town to focus on.”