GSF Meetings


Granite State Future is HUD’s “Agenda 21” plan for a “sustainable” NH. It is similar to every other plan in every other state in the nation. If you are interested in keeping on top of what these central planners are attempting to do with HUD money to alter your town’s planning and zoning regulations, you cannot just depend on what is posted on the Granite State Future official website. You must do all the following things:

1) Check the Granite State Future website and the NH Listens website for upcoming ‘listening sessions’ about ‘master plans’ which encompass every aspect of your lives.

2) Find your town’s Regional Planning Commission and see when they are holding meetings. If you don’t know what region your town falls in, use the flip menu at Granite State Future.

3) Check your town’s website for Planning and Zoning Board meetings, and meeting agendas so you can attend those where these GSF ‘master plans’ and potential zoning changes are being discussed.

4) Let us know of any meetings regarding GSF Master Plans we have not listed.

5) Please visit and The main website explains what Granite State Future is all about, and the blog site linked on the right, keeps track of what is going on in the towns and cities as well as selected bits of other news from other states, and information that deals with regionalism.