Regionalism Destroying San Francisco

From Freedom Advocates… please read and watch the video to understand what is happening in NH. Superior Court (Alameda County) Rules in Favor of ABAG and One Bay Area Litigation Seeks to Protect the American Form of Government In a result oriented decision, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo ruled against Freedom Advocates and […]

Regionalism is NOT a “Conspiracy Theory”

This article was first published in 1996 but is right on target about what we are facing today. Regionalism: Sneaking America Into World Government March, 1996 (revised December, 2000) by Jackie Patru, Council on Domestic Relations (CDR) Governance – as opposed to Government – means “control by rules, restrictions and regulations”. That’s a far cry […]

Jeb Bush Signs Off on Regionalism

Florida is one of the most besieged states when it comes to regionalism. Jeb Bush is committed to regionalism, a key step toward the achievement of One World Government. “The Florida initiative, an alliance of the Urban Land Institute and its four Florida District Councils including ULI Southeast Florida/Caribbean, recently completed a two-year project identifying […]

Multistate Regionalism

Proof of a definite plan to regionalize our government is here in this report from 1978 called Multi-State Regionalism. It outlines plans for the 10 major regions of the US. It is too large to post here, so please download it from the original site for better viewing.

Regionalism’s Propaganda Machine

Are people who live in cities are healthier than their rural counterparts? Ken Burns-style video with commentary from Rosa Koire: This is a Classic UN Agenda 21 propaganda piece. What did you learn? That people who don’t support ‘Quality Growth’ (the new term for Smart Growth) have a ‘pathological suspicion of leadership.’ We are […]

Freedom Advocates: Regionalism – The Blueprint for Your Serfdom

This is a great article from Freedom Advocates which explains what we are facing in NH with the new push for ‘regionalism’. If you still don’t understand the purpose of regionalism, please read on. Did you know that some of your local elected representatives are enabling a shadow government to evolve? These people promote the […]