NH is the New Target

Listen to what was happening back in 2012 to California and which is happening in NH currently, These two activist women from California talk about how the government was mandating types of housing for the purpose of equalizing the demographics for voting, income levels, and integration according to their ideas of how things should be. […]

AOC Has Nothing on Republicans

File this one under “regionalism is communism”. US Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has the gained dubious notoriety of being the promoter of something she calls the “Green New Deal”. However we all know and recognize it as nothing more than Agenda 2030 and agree that AOC is a far-left wing nut. But wait… it seems […]

Agenda 2030 for Schools

Regionalism wants to control every person, animal, plant, and virtually every blade of grass on the planet. Their plans are not just about property, but about health, education, transportation, communication and more. A new fad is regional education centers. “There are cities and regions promoting sustainability throughout the United States, and there are various sustainability […]

Presidential Regional Appointee?

We had no idea the president of the United States had the right to appoint REGIONAL planners, but apparently in some cases this is what is happening. President Donald Trump appoints Reno resident to Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board This is the kind of top-down, unaccountable governance that is the mark of Bolshevism. The […]