How HUD is Transforming America’s Classrooms

H/T to Sustainable Freedom Lab for exposing and beating HUD…

HUD is transforming America’s classrooms. No child is safe from “restructuring” that places their own educational needs behind the government’s insane blueprint for our children’s future.

Academic needs are suddenly secondary to “economic diversity” and groups that gather to share and teach common religious ideals must be torn apart in the name of desegregation.

We are fighting seven days a week to protect our children and our communities from these atrocities.

HUD has plucked the word “religion” from the Fair Housing Act and distorted the law’s meaning to hand themselves unharnessed authority over the religious preferences of classmates.

These are the frightening words of HUD’s Secretary Julian Castro:

“‘religious liberty’ and ‘religious freedom’ … “remain code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia or any form of intolerance.”

To the government, your guaranteed Constitutional rights to religious freedom are nothing more than “intolerance.”

But Castro gets worse…

“ … today, as in past, religion is being used as both a weapon and a shield by those seeking to deny others equality…”

Rather than teaching that religion can be a basis for respect and self-restraint, our government is waging an all-out war on Christianity in the same public schools supported by our tax dollars.

Property Value Defense was the first to expose HUD’s move to install “religion desegregation” in classrooms.

For months, I have been outing HUD, DOT and the Department of ED’s plan to cram “economic diversity” into classrooms through federally run institutions called regional Equity Assistance Centers.

Now these ‘indoctrination’ centers will also train staff members to break up concentrations of classrooms whose members hold similar religious beliefs.

Sustainable Freedom Lab has launched an all-out national attack to stop the destruction of our children’s ability to grow socially, mentally and emotionally; both organically and in alignment with their parents’ wishes.

As Americans, it is our fundamental religious right to congregate where and how we choose. Now our government wants to invade classrooms, dismantle groups that are not State ‘sanctioned’ and browbeat communities into submission with threats of segregation charges in a program that is “voluntary.”

With the federal government, once grant money flows to community recipients, there is no such thing as voluntary. When communities fail to meet HUD’s demands, they sign a “Voluntary Compliance Agreement.” There is nothing voluntary about it. The community’s alternative is to face withdrawal of HUD grant money, investigations for violations of the Fair Housing Act and potential civil rights charges from the Department of Justice. That is HUD’s definition of “voluntary.”

Suddenly the state’s demented vision of “diversity” has more importance than our own children’s well-being. When federal funding flows, HUD will use the power of its Affirmatively Fair Housing rule to force communities to desegregate religion and add economic diversity or face potentially bankrupting actions.

We must stand strong against HUD and the federal government’s invasive programs.

By stretching the definitions of “desegregation” and their authority under the Fair Housing Act, HUD has granted itself a free pass to control our children and our classrooms in virtually any community in America.

HUD’s Orwellian Equity Assistance Centers are now staffing up to train local educational agencies to desegregate schools by “revising school boundary and assignment policies…” and “restructuring existing schools…to promote inclusive environments…”

Sustainable Freedom Lab has been leading the fight against HUD’s AFFH, and in community after community, we are winning.

This new HUD, DOT and ED initiative is raw Socialism.

Recently, my nationally acclaimed online tele-summit series, “Socialism in America,” assembled some of the country’s top authorities to explain how Socialism has replaced free market capitalism in America and give our audience specific steps they can take to reverse it.

In the coming days, Sustainable Freedom Lab will sponsor a new tele-training program, “Ending HUD’s Tyranny.” (Watch your inbox.) You will meet the experts who are stopping HUD and the will share their experiences and show how you can repeat their success. You will receive the widest-ranging toolbox of instructions, strategies and documents anywhere to stop AFFH and it is all free.

Sustainable Freedom Lab has taken the lead in fighting back against government to protect our children, our property rights, and our local rule, with solutions that work.

As always we at GSF(s) do not ever ask for money. However, Sustainable Freedom Lab, whose materials and research are a valuable asset to our cause, needs your help to end this madness and help our nation remain free of federal abuse. They will continue to educate communities across the country about HUD’s attacks. In order to do that THEY NEED YOUR HELP. Please consider making a donation today to support the fight to protect your property rights.