Who is Running the Store? It’s NOT the Taxpayers

Did you ever wonder why, even after the taxpayers have had their say against building a commuter rail system for NH, for example, the agenda for a ‘study committee’ marches on? Did you ever wonder how these projects get approved even after the public has said a resounding NO?

The Carsey Institute is a well-funded PRIVATE foundation that works out of the state-funded University of NH. Why should this concern you?

NH Listens Logo

NH Listens is a PR firm that is employed by The Carsey Institute. They hold “listening sessions” for town and school issues in an attempt to influence what the taxpayers think and want. They often attempt to sway their views to favor more raising of taxes, taking of federal lands, building projects like commuter rail, levying fees for water use, or worse yet, no more private ownership of water allowed, and a myriad of other issues that taxpayers oppose because they violate property rights. They are also used to influence school issues as well (search on Pittsfield, NH on this blog.)

They like to pretend their facilitators are neutral and just there to run a discussion group, but as you can see, they are NOT pulling any punches in this description of an upcoming training session for potential facilitators.

If you would like to see for yourself and attend, you must register HERE.

Please note that the NH Listens website is now part of the Carsey Institute website at UNH. You will see from past workshop descriptions they actually admit to working with UNH Theatre professor David Kaye and his group, Power Play Interactive Development. Yes my friends, ACTORS.

This is a very important part of your activism. Many PRIVATE outside groups, NOT government groups, and NOT the taxpayers, are determining NH’s future spending and programs. We have seen it with the Regional Planners, we see it in the Universities. Commuter rail is but one major issue. We need to learn their tactics before we can stop them from interfering in local control.

Advanced Facilitator Training
Making Sure Neutral Does Not Mean Passive
Friday, December 1, 2017
9:00 PM to 4:00 PM
University of New Hampshire,
Memorial Union Building, Room 330-332
Durham, NH

Don’t forget that you must register HERE.

This week, UNH didn’t mind bragging about how NH Listens won an American Civic Collaboration Award for advancing Civic Engagement. It makes no mention of their agenda.

UNH states: “Since 2000, NH Listens has helped Granite State residents talk and work together to create communities that work for everyone.

“More than ever before, America’s future depends on working together,” said Big Tent Nation, organizers of the event. “We need to celebrate the people and initiatives that leverage collaboration and creativity to strengthen communities, heal partisan divides and invigorate American democracy. That’s why we created the American Civic Collaboration Awards – or Civvys.”

Just who is Big Tent Nation? A quick visit to their website tells us that they are made up of many groups who claim to be non-partisan, or bi-partisan, but are really offshoots of the vast left-wing Soros-funded network: Coffee Party (Soros), New America Foundation (Soros), Brookings, and No Labels (Soros again), to name a few.

UNH lists another one of the sponsors of the award as Bridge Alliance. A visit to their site reveals even more left-wing groups in the Soros-funded network, including Living Room Conversations, a group that is run by Joanne Blades, founder of the Soros-funded MoveOn.org. Van Jones is also involved in the organization. Currently they are conspiring with “conservative” Mark Meckler to bring about an Article V or Constitutional Convention in order to CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION.

Many of us do not fall for this bi-partisanship ruse. Neither should you. But this is who is determining what goes on in your schools and towns in NH. They will continue to violate the public trust, until you, the taxpayers, GET OFF YOUR COLLECTIVE EASY CHAIRS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.