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Forget Paris, the Agenda Marches On

According to this article from Forbes, The U.S. May Never Leave The Paris Climate Accord despite the fact that President Trump vowed to get us out. According to the report…

“Donald Trump may have vowed to take the United States out of the Paris climate accord, but you wouldn’t have known it based on the words of the negotiators he sent to the summit in Bonn to hammer out the rules of the agreement.

“The United States intends to remain engaged with our many partners and allies around the world on these issues, here in the U.N. Framework Convention and everywhere else,” Judith Garber, the U.S. acting assistant secretary of state for international environmental and scientific affairs told the other delegates on Thursday. She then listed off a litany of actions America is taking to fight climate change.”

Agenda 21/2030 is so embedded in the federal and state government, that locals will not be able to escape it unless they rise up and take back their towns.

SSTI Reports Uber and Lyft Will Be Taxed More

The attack on ride-sharing continues.

SSTI has reported: “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing an increase in the city’s fee charged to ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft to offset the loss of revenue from public transit users who switched to ride-hailing services. Currently, the city charges Uber and Lyft 52 cents per ride-hailing trip. The proposal would raise the fee to 67 cents for 2018 and 72 cents for 2019.”

What do you call this? We call it socialism.

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Don’t Like Agenda 21/2030? You’re a Terrorist

Another NGO working with the federal government, which must be stopped…

Among the The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of racists and extremists who in their eyes qualify to be categorized as terrorists, are those who oppose the urbanism agenda. They are now trying to connect the fight for property rights with racism.


You can view their ‘hate map’ here. Note that even a Catholic group from NH is included.

The SPLC have written no less than four reports on Tom DeWeese from the American Policy Center. In no way does Tom DeWeese, one of our fellow Agenda 2030 fighters, deserve to be categorized as a terrorist.

The supporters of Congressman Ron Paul, one of the most constitutional figures ever to serve in Congress, are also listed as extremists and potential terrorists in the reports they regularly send to law enforcement across the country.

“The list of potential terrorists, according to these fallacious reports and many more, included anyone who voted for Ron Paul for president, for example.”

Tom advises us that “In 2010 DHS organized a ‘Countering Violent Extremist Working Group.’ Its purpose was to teach local law enforcement to counter terrorism. But, in actuality, this is the root of militarizing local police forces. The SPLC also runs the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center which issues official certification to police groups all over the country for fighting ‘hate’ groups – right wing groups. And it is funded by the Department of Homeland Security!”

So, the SPLC can call ordinary Americans fighting for less government, lower taxes, property rights and a return to local control “terrorists” and can advise law enforcement about same.

We agree with Tom when he says “SPLC is a dangerous group, guilty of the hate it claims to fight. It is trying to take away the Constitutional rights of Americans to hold opposing views. It seeks to destroy any debate or opposition to its ideas.

That wouldn’t be a threat to you and me, except for the fact that SPLC is so closely tied to one of the federal government’s most powerful (and in my view) dangerous agencies – DHS.”

Tom reports:

Just weeks ago, based on SPLC’s list of so-called “hate” groups on the right, DISCOVER Card – one of the nation’s largest credit card companies – denied a conservative group to use their cards to accept donations.

Right after that, QuickBooks, a popular accounting service cancelled a subscription for its product used by a Christian organization.

Most recently, the online payment company PayPal has refused to let a Conservative group use their service for fundraising.

Each of these incidents were based on the companies finding these groups on the SPLC list of hate groups.

There have been several reports of the social media giant FaceBook censuring and banning conservative posts and pages.

Google has taken steps to deny internet searches to conservative websites.

All of these things are based on the SPLC’s listing of Conservative organizations as “hate groups.

The bottom line is SPLC is leading the charge to destroy our ability to raise funds, communicate or do any kind of business in this nation.

How long will it be before we are denied the ability to rent halls for our meetings, denied the ability to travel, before we start having our homes or property confiscated or even face arrest for “spreading hate?”

Yes Tom is looking for donations. GSF(s) is not in the habit of asking for money, but instead of donating to partisan groups that are getting nothing done, you might rethink where your money is going and help Tom, who may in all likelihood be looking to file a lawsuit. (This is not confirmed but we can’t see any other way he could begin to fight what is happening)

Tom has joined a coalition of 45 other Conservative and Christian organizations to fight back. They are demanding that the US Congress closely investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center and its ties to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Please spread the word and ask your friends and colleagues to join our mailing list and send them the link to this website/blog. We will try to keep you apprised of any new developments that threaten our liberties.

Residential Towers Near Google “Transit” Village

This is San Jose, but the agenda is the SAME EVERYWHERE.

Downtown San Jose residential towers may sprout near planned Google transit village. There is one hitch — there will be no provision for parking CARS.

SAN JOSE — A plan for two new residential towers to rise near a proposed transit-oriented Google village would bring a touch of Manhattan and big-city dwelling, along with badly needed housing, to downtown San Jose.

Google Towers

The article states that the units “…would have no car parking, although it would include ground-floor retail.” The article goes on to say “To compensate for the lack of parking, residents of each tower would be given transit, biking, and other transportation-related passes, Anderson said.”

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SSTI Attacks Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft riders and drivers, beware. Regionalism and urbanism may be the reason your services are being banned in various cities across the world.


“Ride-hailing” as they are calling it, is when people call a private taxi service like Uber and Lyft, to get where they are going.

According to the “State Smart Transportation Initiative” ride-hailing increases the use of cars and the actual Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) in cities. One of the goals of regionalism is to reduce the use of cars as much as possible, and promote the increased use of public transit. SSTI cites that users of Uber and Lyft actually contribute to the decrease in the use of public transit.

Could this be the why some cities have banned Uber and Lyft services from operating within their limits? It is interesting to note that Uber and Lyft are targeted on SSTI’s website as “traffic offenders”.

Austin, Texas is one of those cities where Uber is banned. Austin is considered to be among the most “sustainable” and “progressive” cities, under the full control of the regionalists. They are a member of the UN’s ICLEI (an Agenda 21 organization for cities).

We suggest that it is NO coincidence that Vancouver, Canada, where Uber is likewise banned, is also a member of the UN’s ICLEI organization.

Beware New Hampshire. Smart Growth America has its NGOs/lobbies/quasi-governmental groups coming in to train NH’s DOT in “smart” transportation projects.

Meanwhile, keep your eye on services like Uber and Lyft.

Despite Trump, the world is turning a corner on climate change

In defiance of anything that might be done at the federal level to stop Agenda 21 and 2030 (there is no difference between the two, Agenda 21 was merely renamed to Agenda 2030) States and Cities and Towns are plowing ahead with the goals of urbanism and regionalism, which is the subject of this blog.

According to the American Policy Center’s Tom DeWeese, there is no difference in the goals and as we have noted locally, the agenda(s) keep marching on.

“The 2030 Agenda is nothing more than a reboot of Agenda 21. The UN uses such updates of plans to keep their people excited and involved. The 2030 Agenda simply goes in to more detail as to how and what they intend to do. Remember, Agenda 21 was introduced as the “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.” The 2030 Agenda gives more detail on how that is to be done, along with providing a more specific date for its full implementation. In reality there’s nothing new here. It’s still Agenda 21!” he wrote.

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Is This What It’s Come To?

Here’s how once group of activists responded to the threat of property confiscation…

According to the group “Empower Texans“:

“The City of Weatherford was prepared to rush through involuntary annexations of over 50 properties in the Zion Hill area. City council members had hoped to conclude the process quickly, before a new state law takes effect December 1 that will require certain cities to get owners’ approval before annexing their property.”

Apparently the city could take private land without the owner’s permission. But citizens pushed back by organizing to change the law. It is only through the actions of ordinary citizens like these who speak up about government injustices, will those injustices be remediated.

Regional Planning Commission Fears Loss of Federal Funding

According to this September 18, 2017 article in the Valley News, “The threat of potential cuts to federal transportation spending has left one Upper Valley agency questioning how it can continue to provide services without its main source of revenue.

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission, which represents 27 communities in New Hampshire, is currently discussing the formation of a nonprofit some say could attract foundation support and provide stable funding into the future, allowing the organization to continue its efforts promoting regional transportation projects.”

And just what do you think the agenda of such a ‘foundation’ might be? If past experience is any indication, it’s not something we should celebrate.

The article goes on to explain when and why “regional planning commissions” were created:

“Created by the Legislature in 1968, New Hampshire’s nine regional planning commissions are designed to help the state’s communities by assisting in the drafting of master plans, developing zoning ordinances and sometimes providing staff to work alongside local land use boards. The commissions also help municipalities secure grant funding and facilitates development of the state’s transportation plan.”

Of note, is that they are discussing a partnership with the “North Country Council” which is NH’s little-known “tenth” regional planning group. This group overlaps international boundaries into Canada.

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Letter to the Editor of The Herald Journal, Utah

This fantastic letter pertaining to “Envision Utah” (a program similar to NH’s Granite State Future) was seen online as it was submitted to the Herald Journal in Utah.

This is what every citizen should know and question about their government, in every single state, where similar programs are being conducted, often without the knowledge or approval of the general public.

To the editor:

Whether one realizes it or not there is a war going on in this country between two ideologies/philosophies. In the news an example is the war playing out with President Trump. His expression aside, the real issue is that his views are contrary to the bureaucracy, to the power controlling this country for over a hundred years.

Ask your children what is, “Our Global Neighborhood”? Ask teachers, nurses, high school students, college students, your forest ranger, local officials. What is “Envision Utah”? What is “Common Core”? Ask contractors what they know about “sustainable development” and farmers about federal land management policy. No doubt they have heard of these but don’t really know what any of them really are, or who is behind them, or why, yet they are willing to adopt and follow as directed. Ask local boards, like those who are deciding what you can do with your property, how they were appointed and what constitutional principle they are following in making decisions. Ask what nongovernmental organizations are directing our policy for local development of housing, roads, and use of personal property.

Why should any of this matter to you? Consequences! What is the war? In simple terms it is explained by identifying and comparing principles of light, truth, freedom, verses darkness of excessive power, control, and greed. Do people who are “elite,” so called “experts,” supposedly better educated, people who “care more,” people who know better than you what is good for you, do these people have the right to make your decisions? Do unelected bureaucracies have the right to decide what is acceptable use of available resources, the right to decide what is allowed in a “free market” and what is acceptable immigration to benefit their interests? Should these people through bureaucracy and regulations be allowed to create an administrative state that has complete power for the “common good,” to promote “central planning” and direction of humanity as a resource through workforce training?

Public policy designed by professionals and bureaucrats; implemented administratively with minimal elected input is assured by economic incentives and disincentives and with public relations campaigns coordinated by government-funded non-government organizations. It is time to become involved, educated and willing to act. Refuse all tax increases which fund this process and stop donating to NGO’s.

Debra Haas

The UN Still Thinks It’s Your Government

The Corbett Report exposes propaganda from the United Nations that claims they are going to make poor countries rich by redistribution of your wealth, and do it in an environmentally friendly way. This is the agenda that permeates your local government, even when it is being led by so-called ‘conservatives’. Corbett interviews Rosa Koire, a leader in exposing Agenda 21/Agenda 2030…

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