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Green New Deal and What it Means for Your Town

We marvel at the fact that we are often joined in our local efforts to put a halt to high-density and other features of the “new urbanism” agenda by those who vote at the federal and state level for the very people and policies that are causing the problem locally.

A recent message by Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center is illustrative. He talks about the “Green New Deal”:

“The Sustainablists have boldly thrown off their cloaking devices and admitted that their goal isn’t just “voluntary environmental protection.”

Instead, they are now openly revealing that their real goal is socialism and global control, just as I’ve been warning about for these past twenty-seven years.”

As we have already seen in our NH towns, the “new urbanists” don’t just want to plan how streets are laid out, they want to control where you live, work, and play, and how you travel and communicate, even how you socialize. It is reminiscent of the model of the planned society of the future.

Tom goes on to say:

“I warned that Agenda 21 would control every aspect of our lives, including how and were we live, the jobs we have, the mode of transportation available to us, and even what we eat. The Green New Deal is a tax on everything we do, make, wear, eat, drink, drive, import, export and even breathe.”

In NH, new urbanist consultants, brought into the towns by the regional planners, have ideas for how you should live, work and play, how you travel, and even how you communicate and socialize. Taxing is a way to control this… but read on for more…

“In opposing Smart Growth plans in your local community, I said the main goal was to eliminate cars, to be replaced with bikes, walking, and light rail trains. The Green New Deal calls for the elimination of the internal combustion engine. The next step will be to put a ban on the sale of new combustion engines by a specific date and then limiting the number of new vehicles to be sold. Bans on commercial truck shipping will follow. Then they will turn to airplanes, reducing their use. Always higher and higher taxes will be used to get the public to “voluntarily” reduce their use of such personal transportation choices.”

In NH we see the push for sidewalks, bike lanes, and commuter rail. Smaller lot sizes, bigger buildings, and transit-oriented development.

“I warned that under Smart Growth programs now taking over every city in the nation that single-family homes are a target for elimination, to be replaced by high-rise stack and pack apartments in the name of reducing energy use.”

Bedford and other towns are currently fighting the “stack and pack” mania…and we’ve even seen other states that HAVE actually passed ordinances against single family zoning!

“I warned that Agenda 21/Sustainable policy intends to drive those in rural areas off the farms and into the cities where they could be better controlled.”

And we have been complaining about this very thing:

“Over these years elected officials have listened to the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, the World Wildlife Fund, ICLEI, the American Planning Association, and many more, as they assured that their plans were just environmental protection – just good policy for future generations. Well, now the truth is right in front of you. There is no question of who and what is behind this. And no doubt as to what the final result will be.”

In Bedford they invited the World Health Organization, AARP, SNHRPC/APA, and other private, unelected, and unaccountable organizations pushing for housing changes from out of the area. NGOs and private corporations are running the show, unbeknownst to the voters who still think they have local control.

The only way to stop this is at the local level, and by NOT voting for it at the State and Federal levels. Will those folks who have joined us in the fight against high-density but still vote for the Agenda at the State and Federal levels ever figure this out?

The UN’s Agenda Openly Available

For those who don’t want to admit the UN has become an overly powerful behemoth of an organization, behold the fact that it now wants to create a ‘world government’ to replace the governments of individual countries. It has even been said that the EU is the ‘new Soviet’.

Does America really want to be part of this?

Note, despite the fact that deniers have accused us of having an ‘agenda’ for simply pointing this out, these documents come directly from the United Nations itself…

UN Parliamentary Organization Wants to Create a World Government

Keeping an Eye on the Regionalists

Behold the frightening powerful forces behind the corporately controlled planned society of the future, where ‘regional’ government will usurp local control and the constitution will have no bearing.

This is the group which, with help from Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, installed a Smart Cities Caucus as a permanent lobbying group in the US Congress.

“Venture Smarter is dedicated to catapulting governments, businesses, and universities into the 21st Century. Led by government and technology experts coming from The White House, US Congress, and leading technology companies, Venture Smarter serves an array of customers looking to invest in and benefit from digital transformation and smart city growth.”

Note the motto: “Accelerating the development of smart cities, regions, and industries”

From Quora:

“Socialism is the merger of corporations and government; actually the takeover of corporations by government.

Fascism is/was a brand of authoritarian socialism in which government exercises ownership of the means of production without taking formal title. (You still own your car but the government gets to use it.) Fascist governments let factory owners remain in charge and earn substantial profits as long as they (factory owners) do what government told them to do. It is more of a partnership, with government as the senior partner.

The U.S. has been adopting many of the elements of fascist socialism since the Progressive era, particularly when corporations realized government control (called “regulation”) helps keep out competitors. Monopoly socialism.

Fascism is a form of Progressivism, Italian Fascism was a particularly aggressive form. Spanish and Argentinian fascism were less so. We tend to associate fascism with Mussolini’s lust for conquest but that was Mussolini, not fascism.

Bolsheviks killed factory owners and put political operatives in charge. Fascism turns factory owners into political operatives.”

This is what happened in the public schools — only those who are politically aligned with the agenda are allowed to work, so they can spread the propaganda.

When government and corporations align, you have fascism.

Still Wondering Where This Comes From?

We are stunned that otherwise educated people still claim not to know of any ‘agenda’ of the United Nations and the myriad of groups, committees, goals, and conferences it has created to which the ‘ad hoc’ group is attempting to get the world to submit.

The Global Agenda of Local Governments lays it out in clear language.

Realization of the New Urban Agenda on the ground

As a result of the growing links between global and local challenges, local and regional governments now play a greater role in the regulation of the urban fabric and territories, and the protection of the commons.

A new multilevel governance system

Lifestyle Taxes?

Rue the day we gave government the right to tax us.

In order to control how you live, some governments plan to tax your lifestyle.

In S. Africa and other countries, we read: Government to introduce new vehicle taxes to push people towards public transport

In NH, SB 241 is a bill proposed by those trying to fund commuter rail, usually a boondoggle for the taxpayers.

In NH, Lawmakers propose road usage fee on fuel-efficient vehicles

The situtation in NH is worse than you might think. It extends to housing as well.

People are stunned to learn that private, unelected, completely unaccountable groups and NGOs from outside the state and country are invited by local councils and selectboards to help decide the future of their towns.

As a result, we are seeing laws at the state level directing what towns must do.

SB 15 would have the state funding certain types of “workforce housing”. But like the “workforce housing” law, its constitutionality is in question.

Others are attempting to give these unelected, unaccountable regional planning commissions who currently have zero authority, the right to issue long-term bonds. This too must be stopped.

Some say it would never happen here, but in Oregon, a law is being proposed to end single-family zoning in cities of 10,000. Think that’s off the wall? Already a done deal in Minneapolis and in other areas citing “social injustice”. Baltimore is now required to move Section 8 housing to affluent areas.

SB 15 doesn’t mean we’ve gone that far — YET. But we have seen the incrementalism elsewhere.

Impervious surfaces such as your roof, walkaways, and driveway are being taxed in New Jersey. (Tried in Dover NH but failed)

If they don’t like your lifestyle, they will think of some way to tax you out of it, or otherwise make it unpleasant for you to continue it.

Don’t take our word for it, look it all up…

‘Unsustainable’ Single-Family Housing Declared ‘Racist’

“Minneapolis, Minnesota: the city council is moving to remove zoning that protects single-family neighborhoods, instead planning to add apartment buildings in the mix. The mayor actually said such zoning was “devised as a legal way to keep black Americans and other minorities from moving into certain neighborhoods”. Racist, social injustice are the charges.

Chicago, Illinois: So-called “affordable housing” advocates have filed a federal complaint against the longtime tradition of allowing City Aldermen veto power over most development proposals in their wards, charging that it promotes discrimination by keeping low-income minorities from moving into affluent white neighborhoods. Essentially the complaint seeks to remove the Aldermen’s ability to represent their own constituents.

Baltimore, Maryland: The NAACP filed a suit against the city charging that Section 8 public housing causes ghettos because they are all put into the same areas of town. They won the suit and now the city must spend millions of dollars to move such housing into more affluent neighborhoods. In addition, landlords are no longer permitted to ask potential tenants if they can afford the rent on their properties.

Oregon: Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives Tina Kotek (D-Portland) is drafting legislation that would end single-family zoning in cities of 10,000 or more. She claims there is a housing shortage crisis and that economic and racial segregation are caused by zoning restrictions.”

Read more… ‘Unsustainable’ Single-Family Housing Declared ‘Racist’

The Only Way to Describe This is Surveillance

In this disturbing article Can the Sustainable Development Goals Be Measured by Satellite?, it is suggested that countries be MONITORED by satellite for their compliance and progress with the UN’s “sustainable development goals”.

The article poses the question and offers a possible solution:

“A handful of countries are on track to meet SDG targets, but many more are lagging behind. Achieving the SDGs is challenge enough—but what about measuring them? Economists have estimated that conducting household surveys to monitor socioeconomic targets could cost as much as $254 billion over the lifetime of the SDGs. Reliability and consistency of data across countries is also an issue.

Is there a better way? In a paper published earlier this month in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team from Aarhus University in Denmark explored the viability of using satellite data to monitor and measure some SDGs.”

Further they lament the idea that this type of surveillance would not be able to measure things like “gender equality” and that surveys were the normal instrument of measurement used for that type of item.

Now you know why the residents of the US slam the door on these survey takers. They likely come straight out of the World Health Organization and World Bank who have NO business in our country as they do NOT represent our government. One person we know called the police on them when they would not stop harassing her to fill out their invasive surveys. Good for her.

Mayors Now Compromised by “Smart Cities” Agenda

Bad enough the UN agenda has been permanently ensconced in our US Congress thanks to the Smart
Cities Caucus lobbying group that was formed by Republican Darrell Issa and Democrats, now we have the Mayors colluding to do the same within their group.

“A formal institute for smart cities has been launched by the US Conference of Mayors (USCM), during its Winter Meeting in Washington DC.”

The potential for total control of your lives is breathtaking.

“Your home is your city and not just the four walls you occupy.”

Read more… US Conference of Mayors launches smart city institute

Another Mode of Population Control

You hear it all the time — “The earth is overpopulated! We need to save the planet! We are running out of resources!”

Such is the cry of the Agenda2030 crowd. But people who spread the population control myth are unwittingly supporting the demise of their own class… the ruling elite would like to keep the world’s resources for themselves, after all.

Here is another way to do it… in addition to herding us into networks of “mega-cities”, they will now attempt to do what previous had only been done through unfettered abortion: price children right out of the picture.

“At the end of last year, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission weighed a proposed zoning change that would effectively ban new day-care centers—along with tire stores and car repair shops—in a large chunk of northwest Philadelphia. The bill swiftly encountered fierce resistance, and it now appears dead. But the effort to block additional child-care facilities with a zoning overlay hints at a broader relationship between city planning and the cost of raising children. A growing body of research indicates that restrictive zoning—which often blocks the services and housing that families need—may help to explain why family sizes are shrinking in the United States.”

Read More…

How ‘Vasectomy Zoning’ Makes Childless Cities

We may have posted the following video before, but it’s worth another look.

Direct link:

Outlaw Single Family Homes?

Well, we predicted it would come to something like this, but were called “conspiracy theorists”. And they aren’t even ashamed to admit that it’s social engineering to be done to “end economic and racial segregation”, among other things.

That’s what the “stack ‘n pack” “new urbanism” fad is all about, controlling who lives where and in what kind of homes.

What are we talking about? In Oregon, a bill that is being sponsored by Speaker of the House Tina Kotek would basically outlaw single-family zoning in cities with 10,000 or more people. Yes, you read that right, OUTLAW SINGLE FAMILY HOMES.

“News of Kotek’s legislation was first reported in Willamette Week, which stated she is introducing it as an effort to address housing shortages and end economic and racial segregation that the R-1 zoning restrictions cause. If the bill passes, Oregon would become the first state in the nation to eliminate single-family zoning. The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota has recently eliminated the R-1 zone.

Read more for yourself… Kotek bill would outlaw single-family zone