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The Socialist History of the “Master Plan”

“Lewis Silkin, the Minister of Town and Country Planning in Britain’s postwar Labor government, argued that the only solution to urban chaos was for the government to nationalize land ownership outright.”

Nearly everywhere, and especially in the United States, these socialist planners were opposed by conservative coalitions of business interests and landowners. In New York City, their chief antagonist was Parks Commissioner Moses, who cast himself as a centrist guardian fighting a common-sense battle against the overreach of utopian bureaucrats. As the historian Mark Gelfand has written, Moses scorned Tugwell as “a dreamer in a world that called for hard-nosed, practical men.” Tugwell represented the “centralization of decision making,” while Moses “held that great deference had to be paid to politicians and public opinion.”

Read the full article here: Rexford Guy Tugwell and the Case for Big Urbanism

Smart Cities for the Dumbed Down Masses

As the smarter among you already know, Smart Cities (being promoted under the ‘new urbanism’) are being created in order to herd us into more controllable areas, curb the population, and preserve rural lands for the wildlife only.

Part of the control will be the 5G network, or ‘internet of things’.

Nothing you do will be private any longer.

Benjamin Freed of Technocracy News – Trilateral Commission: 5G Technology Will Be The Backbone Of Smart Cities said, “Gen. James Jones is a member of the Trilateral Commission and was President Obama’s first National Security Advisor (NSA). He never used computers at the White House because they were not secure, but for us, somehow 5G is going to be secure as it lights up Smart Cities and autonomous driving? Consider the source: the Trilateral Commission has been the primary actor in pushing modern Technocracy since its inception in 1973.”

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Agenda 2030 for Schools

Regionalism wants to control every person, animal, plant, and virtually every blade of grass on the planet. Their plans are not just about property, but about health, education, transportation, communication and more. A new fad is regional education centers.

“There are cities and regions promoting sustainability throughout the United States, and there are various sustainability initiatives and projects implemented by the city government, NGOs, private sectors and individuals. An RCE (Regional Center of Expertise) can connect all these actors and accelerate collective impacts over the region, and also provides opportunities to impact the global policies such as GAP on ESD and SDGs through the UN platforms provided by the headquarter of RCEs, UNU.”

Advancing Education for Sustainable Development Goals through Regional Centers of Expertise (RCE)

Articles of Interest on Agenda 2030

The following links concern issues about which we have written before.

Indeed, from the US State Dept, to HUD and other federal agencies, to your local town governments and schools, this ’embedding’ has already been done. Where are conservatives to stop this?

‘Embed the essence of 2030 Agenda into everything,’ UN chief urges at close of Global Goals forum

Public-Private-Partnerships put taxpayer dollars and decisions into the hands of private corporations. This is NOT the same as ‘privatization’. Again, where are conservatives to put a stop to this?

Op-ed: To meet housing needs, public-private partnerships a must

Unelected, unaccountable regional planners are telling NH towns what to do.

Bike and pedestrian plan for Merrimack in final stages

Dover is paying an unaccountable agency to formulate a ‘master plan on homelessness’.

Dover taking the lead on $15K homeless planner contract

Obama-era EPA Deal With UN to Impose Agenda 2030 Still in Force

The New American is one of the few organizations that has kept abreast of this issue.

“The Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) quietly signed a deal with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) vowing to cooperate on everything from climate change “education” to imposing the highly controversial UN Agenda 2030”.

They also agree with GSF(s)’s assessment that “Even as President Trump walks away from the Paris Climate Accord, with this MOU in place the EPA has still agreed to its basic implementation.”

Remember, the Smart Cities Caucus is now firmly entrenched in our US Congress.

Don’t think our State Department is fully committed to the goals of the United Nations? Well you’d better look HERE, because it’s almost as if they think the UN is our duly elected government.

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Groups Pushing Forced Diversity for NH?

In addition to the outsider NGOs that are working to force towns to install low-income housing, according to the NY Times, there are groups within NH who have taken up the task of solving NH’s “lack of diversity” which is viewed as a “problem”. (see NY Times article below)

It is true that forces that shouldn’t matter have shown their hand in the recent survey sent to Bedford residents in the form of the 5th and 6th questions which ask:

“5: Do you find it easy to stay engaged in the Bedford community and to maintain an active social life?”

“6: In your opinion, are there steps the Town or non-profit sector could take to promote a better-connected, more socially engaged community? Please explain.”

It is true that the United Nations wants to be in charge of your “very happiness” (quote from past head of that NGO) and thinks that forcing diversity through zoning regulations via your Master Plan is the way to do it.

As far as we know, no one is “asking” how to diversify NH other than the natural way. People are free to move here if they wish. But it’s not the government’s job to socially engineer it!

NY Times Article – New Hampshire, 94 Percent White, Asks: How Do You Diversify a Whole State?

Mainers Fight Power Lines

Recently in New Hampshire, residents defeated the Northern Pass project, which threatens to come back for another try.

In Maine, residents are going through a similar situation.

Some comments from Mainers regarding proposed Canadian hydroelectricity lines that would go through Maine to Massachusetts:

“We are not here to act as a power cord for Mass. WE do not need to sacrifice anything to power New England. Let Mass generate their own energy.” – Chris Scerbo

“Most of the power lines are in place already! Wind power causes way more destruction by blowing holes on tops of our beautiful mountains! Hydro power is steady, reliable and affordable!” – Jack Wadworth

“It’s a power line, it doesn’t ruin the forest or wildlife. On the other hand, the house where you live does!” – David Barker

“I live on Cape Cod, drive a Prius and have solar panels. They are so efficient that they supply my house with almost all the power needed for the year. The technology is already here. It is not necessary for Massachusetts to import power from Canada.” – Wendy Williams

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Patagonia Joins Fight against CMP Transmission Line through Maine

The Folly of PPPs

PPPs or Public Private Partnerships are the new ‘blended financing’ fads.
But are they good for the public?

“PPPs also undermine democracy and national sovereignty as such contracts tend not to be transparent and subject to unaccountable international adjudication due to investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) commitments rather than national or international courts”

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Agenda 2030 Isn’t Just About Property

Agenda 2030 seeks to control every aspect of one’s life. To that end, education musts be infused (and indeed is) with the Agenda 2030 propaganda that is present in every child’s school curricula.

The Link Between Declining National Education Quality and UN Agenda 2030

In NH we have seen Marxist legislation being promoted by Republicans: all-day kindergarten and curriculum mandates where teachers are forbidden to teach, to name a few.

The Pearson curriculum, with its Common Core textbooks, that have been widely adopted in the United States, is focused on global citizenship, indoctrination into Islam and collectivism, and any type of literature opposite to the classics. The new Common Core math is dumbing down achievement and students’ ability to compete in a STEM setting.

Alex Newman described the U.N. Agenda 2030 with its 17 sustainable development goals as a recipe for “global socialism and corporatism/fascism” foisted upon the world by the United Nations.

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