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Republican Majorities Guarantee Nothing

Note: A very important update to this article has been made today, 2-15-2018, which is why you are getting a second notice to read it. We actually spoke to the person in charge of Venture Smarter. The man seems not to understand the agenda he is supporting. Please scroll to the bottom of the article to see the update. ~ Editor

Seems that even with Republican majorities in both the NH legislature and US congress we can never be guaranteed that conservative policy will prevail.

Perhaps those Republicans who helped create this group and participated in it, should be voted out.

Take this newly formed Congressional Caucus on Smart Cities

“Venture Smarter is proud to support federal, state, and local efforts to build smart cities and regions across the country. We are especially happy to support the bi-partisan congressional effort led by Congresswoman Clarke and Congressman Issa.”

Doesn’t Darrel Issa know that regionalism is the step toward one world government, which is socialism, and whose political divisions have no regard for our constitutional republic?

Addendum: We spoke with Mr. Zack Huhn from the Venture Smarter group. He claimed his group had nothing to do with Agenda 2030, regionalism or establishing regional governments. Oh really? He stated “regionalism isn’t a word we use”. Oh really?

Linked on the page is this: Smart Regions Congress Leadership Forum He then ironically asked me if I was “familiar with Metropolitan Planning Organizations or Regional Councils of Government”. Oh dear. What does he think their agenda is?

He said he was a “bit confused”. We think he is VERY confused if he thinks his group is not part of this globalist attempt to change how we govern ourselves by changing the political divisions of the country.

NH Does NOT Need a Carbon Tax

No, a carbon TAX will not help NH, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to be 100% renewable, unless you consider that there is no SUCH thing as “fossil fuels” — oil has been proven to be renewable as it is NOT made of decayed dinosaurs!

So since oil is renewable, and there is more oil under certain parts of the US than all of Saudi Arabia, sufficient to fuel the country for the next 200 years… you must say NO to these two bills:

House Bill 1230 would set up a study commission to look at the economic impacts a regional or national carbon price would have on New Hampshire.

House Bill 1544 would set up a legislative study committee to see what we would need to reach 100 percent renewable energy in New Hampshire by 2040.

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So Much for Paris Agreement

Conservatives were justifiably happy when President Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement, in denial of the global warming “threat”.

This of course was merely symbolic as it did nothing to stop the one-world “sustainable” agenda which is firmly embedded into our globalist US State Department. The federal government is thoroughly committed to the UN Agenda, and it can be seen in every agency as well as in our school systems. Through federal meddling and “grants”, this agenda trickles down to our towns and cities.

As we have written before, this is something that must continue to be fought at the local level wherever the feds have meddled in our towns and cities, by virtue of NH’s quasi-governmental “regional planning commissions“.

But now, the President seems to have done a complete 180º turn and has succumbed to pressure from climate change lobbyists.

We were truly hoping this was a hoax, but sadly it is not.

“This past Tuesday, President Trump signed a bill into law that formally recognizes climate change as a national security threat to the United States. While the president has long railed against climate change and advocated for fossil fuels, the Trump Administration and a Republican-controlled Congress have taken a small but significant step towards formally recognizing climate change. Now that this stance has become codified law, the United States will be further pressured to act.”

The group claims that “The newly signed law is a hard-earned result of the bipartisan organizing done by the Climate Solutions Caucus.”

Bad enough, this was part of another bill that increased the government’s ability to spy on citizens: “The climate change provision reached the president’s desk as an amendment to the must-pass, annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Republican leadership attempted to remove the provision from the bill, but were defeated when 46 Republican representatives defected and voted to uphold the provision.”

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We would love to hear your reaction about this issue. If you have something to say about this, please email us at info at

NGOs Take On Life of Their Own

Nowhere will you find a better display and example of an NGO that has taken on a life of its own as those who have extreme influence over your government. Yes, these are the people who have the MOST influence on what goes on locally.

Meanwhile your liberties are being stolen every day, citizens of this country are too busy engaging in silly partisan bickering over issues that do not matter.

“Curious as to how transportation, public health, civil engineering, art, local governance, cultural identity, and Complete Streets connect? This week we’re thrilled to share our expert line up of keynote and plenary speakers for Intersections: Creating Culturally Complete Streets. They will join over 60 other speakers in Nashville, April 3 – 4, to explore these themes.”

“Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition, in partnership with the Urban Land Institute, are excited to feature speakers who have helped shape the national discourse around arts and culture, creative placemaking, and Complete Streets.”

Who are some of the speakers? Behold the nonsense:

Peter Svarzbein: Generate creative solutions for entrenched transportation problems, like Peter’s fake creative guerilla campaign in El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico that led to real-life change. (NationSwell)

Veronica Davis: Reframe the conversation around biking with sustainability, resilience, and equity at the center. (HuffPost)

Jamie Bennett: Examine where and how to identify artists in our communities and how to foster community development that drives creativity and our local economies. (Ted Talk)

Joseph Kunkel: Foster local ownership and economic opportunity, like Joseph’s work to leverage creative placemaking in rural New Mexican pueblos. (National Endowment for the Arts)

Laura Zabel: Use pop-up art to reimagine community health outreach, like Laura at Springboard for the Arts. (CityLab)

Notice the use of the word ‘plenary’? Where have you seen that before? Yes it’s totally United Nations… and they have total control over your regional planners.

Complete Streets Conference

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Rothschild & Co. Will Restructure North America

If you still do not think there is a global effort to restructure cities, states, and countries from their current political divisions, to be placed under one, globally-controlled entity, please listen to Deborah Tavares describe what she has discovered.

Here is what she is talking about: Rothschild & Co Names Homer Parkhill and Stephen Antinelli as Co-Heads of Restructuring in North America

If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:

Uber and Lyft in Urbanist’s Sights Again

Once again, State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI) has focused on competition they perceive from ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft.

They have already complained that these services take revenue away from public transportation, so is it any wonder they are now also claiming these drivers are responsible for multiple violations?

They will attempt to track data in relation to the use of these services in an attempt to discourage them.

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RED ALERT: Bill Would Rein in RPCs (HB 1616)

Bill Would Rein in RPCs (HB 1616)
Jan 23, 2018 | Legislative Updates, Property Rights, Regionalism

HB 1616 is AN ACT requiring legislative approval for regional planning commissions to accept money from governmental sources other than the state of New Hampshire or its political subdivisions.

“Before a commission may accept or receive any funds, grants, or services from governmental sources outside of the state of New Hampshire or its political subdivisions, prior approval of the general court is required,” it states specifically.

Read more at CNHT

California’s Bullet Train a Boondoggle

Governor Sununu recently expressed support for a commuter rail and one Republican on the Executive Council made the deciding vote in accepting $4,000 of federal money to conduct a ‘study’ for a commuter rail system in NH.

Tell the Governor that trains are not viable. We’ve posted here before about trains in other states that have gone bust. Here is the biggest one in California.

California’s bullet train (and biggest boondoggle) is over budget by billions

Property Owners Push Weatherford to Drop Forced Annexation “Land Grab”

“Due to public backlash, a city in Parker County (TX) has dropped plans to forcibly annex 1,300 acres of unincorporated private property – for now.

The City of Weatherford was prepared to rush through involuntary annexations of over 50 properties in the Zion Hill area. City council members had hoped to conclude the process quickly, before a new state law takes effect December 1 that will require certain cities to get owners’ approval before annexing their property.

Weatherford’s haste to lay claim to the Zion Hill land – with or without the owners’ consent – also coincided with a vote in November by the nearby community of Peaster to incorporate, a move that could limit Weatherford’s future expansion.

Pushback from concerned property owners across the county put a temporary stop to Weatherford’s annexation plans.”

Read more about this attempted land grab at Empower Texans

Washingtonians Want to Create a New “Free State”

Some Washingtonians are holding a fundraiser for their “Liberty” state effort…

A local group of citizens who want to create a 51st state by carving away a significant portion of Eastern Washington (State) are holding a fundraiser in Colville on Saturday, January 20 in an effort to get 100 “Liberty” state flags flying by the month of January.

The event is being hosted by the Stevens County Property Rights Group (SCPRG) and will begin at 3:00 PM at the Ag Trade Center at the Stevens County Fairgrounds in Colville. A live auction and dessert auction are planned in an effort to raise the $4,000 needed to make 100 flags for the proposed 51st state, which would be called “Liberty.”

You have to hand it to these people for being awake and aware. Note that in the Pacific Northwest, Agenda 2030 has progressed even faster than it has here in the east, so it is no wonder these folks are rebelling against the status quo and see the only escape is to start their own state.

The article notes that to “legally create a new state a majority vote of the Washington State legislature is required, as is approval by Congress, per the U.S. Constitution.”

This sounds like something similar to the Free State Project, who in 2004, decided they would make New Hampshire their home, a state which they hope will be kept as free from government as possible. The FSP is the vehicle that gets people to NH, but after they arrive, they are on their own as far as how politically active they become. The Washingtonians behind this 51st state effort say that they were prompted to do this because of opposition to the “Growth Management Act, Common Core standards in public schools, over-regulation by the Department of Ecology and other issues.”

We truly hope that the Free State Project participants, when they come to NH, will read our working group blog here at Granite State Future(s) and understand that the same freedoms are being taken from them in THIS state, and where to go and what to do to stop it!

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